Leon offers a range of Boot Room To Boardroom masterclasses, tailored to meet the needs of the group and designed to maximise learning, development, and performance. The following 4 topics; People, Teamwork, Sweet & Sour, and Success (see below for detail) are available as group and/or individual bookings across a 3 hour session:


Sometimes it’s the small changes which can be the deciding factor between what makes a good team and what makes a great team. By fully understanding your role within your team, and appreciating other contributions, you can maximise your strengths and align your personal goals with those of your teams. Using transferable skills that I have gained from elite sport, we will identify your own ‘World Cup’ target and the steps you need to take to achieve it.


All our actions are the result of internal emotions, thoughts, feelings, and external situational concerns. To be an accomplished manager or leader, it is vital you develop a high level of emotional intelligence in order to manage yourself and others effectively. In this session delegates will explore the essence of behaviour, thought, and feeling, and how this varies from person to person.


In this session delegates will explore the meaning of success in their environment, and how that may or may not align with the organisations view of success. Using a ‘Success Pyramid’ and focussing on the plan, actions and review, individuals will be able to effectively plan for success and the journey beyond. The tools developed within this workshop will ensure that success is viewed collectively as a journey and not a destination, and one over which your decisions give you full control.


This session will look at managing change, as well as identifying potential barriers, conflicts, and challenges that often arise when we are faced with change. We’ll assess and determine how to find positives from each potential negative scenario, whilst keeping the momentum going.
Life is full of setbacks, but by understanding and planning for them, their impact can be better controlled, helping to create a company culture that thrives.

Want to take your Masterclass to the next level? Leon also offers a Psychometric profiling add-on to the workshops.